Window Replacement

Windows to the Mountain World

Large open windows can let the glorious Colorado Rocky Mountains into your living room for family gatherings, or into your kitchen for the morning coffee. Fogging, fading, and worn out windows not only take from the view, but they also age the home and give a dirty appearance.

Keeping your windows maintained will maximize your enjoyment of the Grand County mountainscapes, while poorly maintained windows will allow in much more than the view.

If your windows are damaged, warped, or broken, you may be letting in drafts and water, or allowing expensive heating and cooling right through your old windows.

Aging weather stripping and poorly functioning hardware prevents quality seals that keep out the elements. If windows stick or refuse to stay open, you are not fully enjoying your windows, costing you comfort and money, in poor energy efficiency. Modern windows are far more efficient, durable, and visually appealing, and a new panel of windows could be the most dramatic renovation you can make to your home.

Let Rondeau Construction maximize the scenic views and energy efficiency of your house, making your home more of an enjoyable place to live, and a more valuable property.


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