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While we hope your family has not been struck by the devastation of a fire or flood, Rondeau Construction will be with you through any home disasters that might strike.  We hope you will use our expertise to safeguard your experience.  Should extreme weather, fire, or home maintenance issues turn into tragic home damages, you can call on us.  Let our family put back the walls that are falling in around your family.

Even with a quality insurance company, the process of estimating damages, establishing coverage, and researching reputable contractors can be an overwhelming experience.


Emotions, stress, and deductibles may run high and you will need to find understanding professionals to ensure you can be restored in home and health. Rondeau Construction will work with your insurance company and your family to implement an effective plan that pushes your tragedy back into distant memory.

It is with great compassion that we offer the same careful attention and clear expectations throughout your ordeal as with all of our projects. Our unique strength is to offer stable, clear guidance and the assurance of a realistic plan. We’ll clear out the chaos to get you back into your home.


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