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Your house’s exterior is not only the first thing you see when you come home, it’s you protective defense against the weather and elements. The condition of your roof, siding and paint is key to the long term maintenance of your home. Rondeau Construction has the skills and experience needed to protect and repair your home’s exterior.

Early intervention is key to keeping minor maintenance issues from becoming costly damages. Missing shingles and improperly secured flashing allow the weather and natural elements to degrade your roof as they work their way into the home. Repairs are vital to keeping water out of the ceiling, walls and flooring.

Mold, gaps, and cracks are weaknesses in your home’s siding defenses that will degrade over time. They also allow water and pests to continue causing damage. Repairs or replacement leads to higher curb appeal, resale value, and lower energy costs.
Painting your home not only protects from the damaging effects of the sun and moister, it enhances the value and comfort of the home.

No matter what type of exterior you may have, or how severe the damage may be, we will ensure you are well served from estimate to final inspection, ensuring your home is protected and beautified for worry-free decades to come.


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