Steve Lugwig

Wayne Aspinall Federal Building was originally built in 1918 with and addition put on in 1938. It houses Grand Junction offices of the IRS, Army Corp of Engineers, US Senate office, the Federal Courts, US Marshal office, and FBI. When the GSA wanted to renovate and modernize this historic building, they hired The Beck Group out of Denver CO. One of the main goals of this project was to blend the historic elements such as the oak doors and baseboards, wood and terrazzo floors, plaster ceilings with the modern energy efficient air conditioning, lighting, and controls. Though there were many renovations thru the years; the building manager had managed to keep many of the original oak doors. Many of these had the raised panels removed for installation of louvers or the glass panels had been replaced with other materials. Beck hired Rondeau Construction of Granby CO to rebuild historic doors, replicate historic doors, replicate and install historic baseboard and casing. Rondeau also rebuilt many of the historic windows that had been missing trim or rotting sills.